Aske Olsson

Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Git, Gerrit & Jenkins
Born: Sep. 18, 1980 - Denmark
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 22959610

About Me

I'm a experienced DevOps engineer, specializing in all kinds of software automation: build, test, release, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, workflows, strategies and tools. I've been deeply involved in several large change projects, all of which have been successfully concluded.

My interest for software automation originates from the pain of releasing software seldom with poor tools to handle the job. Since then I've always tried to improve tools and workflows for the developers, first to make work-life more enjoyable, then to make them more productive and quality focused, but still be happy with the tools.

I'm a team player, and i am always considered a positive addition to the team.
I have a positive attitude and always try to help and show colleagues new and better ways of working.


Embedded C


March 2013

Partner and Co-Founder at Switch-Gears ApS

As partner and co-founder, I'm involved in all aspects of managing the company. I Additionally provide consulting services in the areas of continuous delivery, tools renewal and training.

I help setting up continuous delivery pipelines.The start is often simple continuous integration, static analysis integration, automated testing, etc. but all small steps helps to provide a huge productivity boost, ultimately culminating in continuous delivery pipelines

I've done a fail bit of SCM and tool renewal. I've converted from several legacy SCM systems, such as CVS, Subversion (svn), CM Synergy, etc., to modern distributed SCMs such as Git. In our product offering GitGear we have combined the best open source software development tools available to an easily adoptable platform with builtin best practices.

I've created training material and held lots of training in Git, Gerrit, Jenkins and Continuous Integration/delivery. Training have both been targeting new users, users switching from other tools, and advanced/experienced users, which have requested in-depth training on specific topics.

August 2009

Senior Automation Engineer: Build, Test & Release Automation at Nokia

Implement and train developers in a new SCM system (Git & Gerrit) at Nokia. The old system, IBM Rational Synergy (CM Synergy), couldn't handle the needs of the S40/Asha division.

Created a binary solution for Git to handle source code containing many binary files, transparent to users (no extra commands). Repository growth due to binaries is managed, as binaries are stored elsewhere.

Introduced a common CI system for all developers (1000+) at Nokia S40/Asha division. Based on our proof-of-concept solution, Hudson CI (later Jenkins CI) with our own plugins to support the tool chain, this system was pushed to all of the S40/Asha division in Nokia.
With the common CI system in place the development division experienced a huge productivity increase. The developers got fast feedback on their changes, which among other things lead to a much improved MTBF rate.

September 2007

Software Engineer at Nokia

Part of the Energy Management team. I was responsible for developing and maintaining charging algorithms for Nokia mobile phones. My area of responsibility was device drivers for USB SMPS charging circuits. I also had primary responsibility for the Time Server, and development of an API for third party vendor hardware.


May 2007

MSc in Electrical Engineering

DTU - Technical University of Denmark




Email: aske dot olsson at switch-gears dot dk
Phone: +45.22959610
Skype: askeolsson
Linkedin: askeolsson
Twitter: @dvaske
GitHub: dvaske