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of the time of a developer is spent analysing and fixing bugs. That's half of his salary being thrown away!
more expensive to fix a bug when the product has shipped.
of the bugs could be caught early in the developement process, when fixing them is extremely cheap.
Fast Feedback
Being able to know wether a code change breaks the build or fails some tests before the developer makes a context switch to another task is of immense value for the productivity of a team.
Code Review
Peer Code Reviews are the single most valuable practice to adopt in a team. It helps newcomers to get familiar with the codebase and knowing that somebody is going to inspect your code makes you pay more attention to details.
The Right Tools
The wrong tool will get in the way between the developers and the goal of the team. Automation is king!

Continuous delivery consultancy

We have large practical experience with defining and setting up continuous delivery tool-chains. We can help you tailor your software delivery process to your needs enabling faster time-to-market.

Converting your code repositories to Git

Git is by far the leading SCM tool to use. It has the most users, active community and highest innovation rate. Are you stuck with an inefficient VCS and willing to switch to Git? We have a massive experience in converting repositories from SVN, CVS, Clearcase, Synergy and more!

Continuous Integration setup with Jenkins

Jenkins is by far the best and most flexible Continuous Integration server. We can set it up to perfection to provide fast feedback to developers and boost your productivity.

Setup Gerrit for code review

Peer Code Review is the most important practice when it comes to catching bugs early, when they are cheap to fix. Gerrit is the best tool for the job, but it can be a hard beast to tame. Luckily for you we know all the tricks to make it suit your needs perfectly.

Training Git/Gerrit/Jenkins & Continuous Delivery

Make sure you get the most out of your tools. We have many different courses, from basic Git, Gerrit & Jenkins usage, over very tool-focused sessions to Continuous Delivery courses.

GitGear: our turn-key solution

Git, Gerrit, Jenkins... simply the best software development tools out there, and with GitGear we integrated them in perfect harmony so that 1 + 1 + 1 > 3!

Extreme feedback lamp for Jenkins

Give your software the attention it deserves! An extreme feedback device is a sure cure for broken builds, as the status of the build is available for everyone to see.

Jenkins plugins development

We are Jenkins contributors, with experience both in core and plugins development. We can tailor Jenkins around your workflow!

Knud Poulsen

Partner and Co-Founder - Perl monger extraordinaire.

Lars Pedersen

Partner and Co-Founder - Ruby hot shot and evangelist.

Aske Olsson

Partner and Co-Founder - Git grand master.

Emanuele Zattin

Partner and Co-Founder - Jenkins jedi.

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